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Baresque's Zintra Acoustic Panel is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance as well as aesthetics are required. Zintra's wide range of colours and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects. Zintra Acoustic Panel features include: * Cost effective sound solution - NRC = 0.45 for 12mm, 0.75 for 24mm * 2800mm long sheets ideal for join-free floor to ceiling applications * Broad range of neutral and bright colours * Suitable for a multitude of applications - walls, ceilings, screens * Easily fabricated and installed * Pinnable

Panel acústico acabado MALACHITE dim 1225x2800h de 12mm sp

SKU: 364215376135193
360,00B/. Precio
288,00B/.Precio de oferta
  • Panel acústico decorativo, para recudir el eco de los espacios,  facil aplicacion, limpieza facíl y te sorprendera la reducion del eco en tu espacio seleccionado.

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